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quality assurance program


Quality is one of the founding principles of MDA Technologies.  Instituted by leadership and executed by all, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our focus on providing exceptional, quality products and services to the government and commercial sectors is a major contributing factor to our continued success.

MDA Technologies’ Quality Assurance Program is founded in a fundamental ethos of providing exceptional products and services to our clients.  We instill in all of our employees an understanding of why our quality program is critical to supporting our clients’ mission.  Our process is based on quality reviews at the peer and management levels throughout the performance of every project.

Our Program Managers develop a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) which describes measures that are to be collected, monitored, reported, and controlled within the performance measurement program for their assigned tasks.  The QAP describes individual responsibilities and processes for regularly monitoring the key assumptions and constraints incorporated into the project plans.  The Plan identifies what information is being collected, how it is being analyzed, and how frequently it is reported upon.  It describes and documents the various components of the project measurement program and consolidates supporting information.  The Plan is the overall approach to the collection, measurement and analysis of quality and performance data on the program.  It includes MDA Technologies and client-directed measurements, and derived metrics.  By following this Plan, our Program Managers and their Project Team are better prepared to:

  • Ensure that our commitments to our clients are being satisfied 
  • Meet commitments (budget, schedule)
  • Identify ways to improve our service and products
  • Support industry standards compliance

MDA Technologies continuously seeks to improve the effectiveness of its business operations.  Process improvements are continuously identified, adapted and implemented, while ensuring consistency across the corporation.



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